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#PracticalPrivacy: A recipe for cookies

[Updated as of 02 April 2018.] In discussions online and offline, talk of Data Privacy Act compliance invariably leads to observations on the delicate balancing act between privacy and usability. I agree that privacy may prove to be one of the biggest UX design challenges right now. But this is not an insurmountable one. Consider how approaches the problem of privacy, consent, and the different privacy preferences that it’s website users may have. The privacy notice informs you of what information the website collects from users, what the collected information will be used for, and what these mean for users. The notice goes on to explain how the user can tweak the settings accor

Yes, really. You are under surveillance.

If there's one good thing about the Cambridge Analytics fallout, it's that people have now become more aware of their privacy rights. Now, when privacy advocates start talking about how internet platforms collect and store so much of their users' personal data, people pay attention. Hopefully, they've stopped regarding privacy advocates as paranoid nutjobs. If you've been following the news closely, you know by now how Facebook compiles a virtually dossier on you and your activities. What about Google? It shouldn't come as a surprise that Google--despite it's mantra not to be evil--is playing the same game as well. So you want to know what kind of information Google has on you? Head to this

NPC registration deadline woes

It’s barely two days to March 8, the deadline set by the National Privacy Commission for the registration of personal data processing systems (DPS) of personal information controllers (PICs) and personal information processors (PIPs). How are you doing with your registration? Based on a forum I attended two weeks ago, a lot of PICs/PIPs have not yet started the registration process. Among the reasons are problems encountered with the NPC’s DPS registration portal. Understandably, with the deluge of registrants accessing the platform, the portal will have performance issues. Manual registration If you are having difficulty completing the registration on the portal, note that the PICs/PIPs do


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