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BusinessMirror website falls a tad short of a *good* cookie policy

What's good: The cookies are classified, with the names of the providers, purpose for tracking, and expiry spelled out. What's bad: Despite stating that only 9 cookies are absolutely necessary to keep the website working as it should, BusinessMirror still fails to provide users with the options to customize which cookies to allow and block. Thus, clicking on the ALLOW ALL COOKIES button would not be sufficient compliance of the requirement under the Data Privacy Act that consent should be freely-given, specific, and informed. Ask yourself this: Are you willing to subject yourself to 89 marketing trackers just to read one news article? Shouldn't BusinessMirror give you the option to say "No"?

On cookie consent

I came across this tweet and thought I'd share it with you. My notes: I would put a second sentence stating in brief the purpose/s for sharing information. I would put two buttons at the bottom: "Share" and "Don't Share." I would put a link saying "Learn More," which opens a new window detailing the website's privacy notices. What about you? What improvements do you think should be made on this cookie consent? #dataprivacy #cookies #consentform


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