Notes on the Present Future

Mapping the personal data lifecycle

Back when I was still doing consulting, I did a lot of thinking about how to help my clients become more effective in thinking about privacy. At that time, I was reading a lot of books not only about privacy but about business and entrepreneurship. The Business Model Canvas was quite popular online at that time and I became interested in coming up with a mental framework for privacy. Sure, I could adapt the Business Model Canvas for privacy but I didn't really see much benefit doing that because I didn't think it was really that useful as a construct for privacy. I wanted to come up with something that would be useful more often for more organizations. So I came up with I framework I called

Play the digital security bingo!

Today, while trawling the internet--as one does on a non-working holiday--I came across this digital security bingo from AccessNow (follow them on Twitter @accessnow). You can use it as an ice-breaker for a privacy learning session or other related activity at your organization. It's also a useful graphic you can use as reminder (post it on you workstation for yourself, or a poster for the office) of what you should be doing to protect yourself online. Enjoy! #dataprivacy #digitalsecurity #studentprivacy #game


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