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Celebrate International Data Privacy Day with IAPP KnowledgeNet Philippines

Data privacy professionals around the world celebrate International Data Privacy Day on January 28, 2020. Part of this global celebration will be the IAPP KnowledgeNet Philippines Chapter’s first meeting for the year, featuring a discussion of House Bill No. 5612 amending the Data Privacy Act. Newly-appointed Deputy Commissioner John Henry Naga of the National Privacy Commission will deliver a keynote. Meanwhile, Ms. Ivy Grace Villasoto, Head of the NPC’s Privacy Policy Office, will be presenting the highlights of the HB 5612. Her presentation will be followed by reactions from panelists representing different sectors of business: BPO, Telecommunications, Hospitality, and Legal. Learn more a

Is a signature sensitive personal information?

What I love about privacy work is that I constantly get asked “what if?” questions that require me to rethink things that I’ve always taken for granted. The other day’s question was: “Is a person’s signature biometric information?” Apparently, part of the documents inadvertently sent to the wrong person were signed forms. This person asking me was in the process of determining whether the inadvertent disclosure is covered by the National Privacy Commission’s (NPC) requirement for mandatory breach notice. The first question in making the determination is: “Is the personal data involved sensitive personal information (SPI) or other information that may enable identity fraud?” So I thought to m


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