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The Weekly 5 on Privacy - Issue #4

In this issue, we tackle how the right to privacy is treated in jurisprudence. Also, a friendly reminder on the September 9 deadline for Data Protection Officers.

  1. Two weeks back, the Supreme Court of India came out with a landmark and unanimous decision stating that privacy is a constitutionally protected right. According to the Supreme Court, “[T]he right to privacy is protected as an intrinsic part of the right to life and personal liberty xxx.” In this article, the Electronic Frontier Foundation distills the key points of the decision. Want to read the 547-page decision? Follow this link instead.

  2. If you’d like to learn more about how the right to privacy is treated in Philippine jurisprudence, this extensive presentation by Atty. Oscar Tan is a good place to start. The paper is a bit old (published in the Philippine Law Journal in 2008) but it lays down a good foundation for studying the right to privacy as articulated by the Philippines’ Supreme Court.

  3. With the recent spate of killings allegedly committed by the police, more people are calling for requiring the police to wear body cameras. This piece discusses the privacy concerns and highlights the need to balance law enforcement objectives with privacy protection for citizens.

  4. Do you use apps for period and fertility tracking? If so, have you read the terms of use and privacy policy of these apps? You may be in for quite a surprise when you find out just how much they know about you and how widely they share your information to other parties. This article on Jezebel.com should be an eye-opener for women out there.

  5. Finally, this is your friendly reminder that September 9 is the deadline for reporting to the National Privacy Commission the name and contact information of your company’s Data Protection Officer. September 9 falls on a weekend so you may still be able to file on Monday. It is better to be prudent though and file your report not later than Friday, September 8.

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