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Drafting privacy notices and consent forms

The end of the year comes in a few weeks. After that, I expect that Data Privacy compliance once again shifts into high gear as companies work toward completion of their respective registrations with the National Privacy Commission. I am sure that, by now, there is much awareness of the next deadline from the NPC coming up: March 8 is the last day for registration of your personal data processing systems.

Registration of the personal data processing systems is just one of the many requirements for Data Privacy Act compliance. Do you already have your Privacy Notices or Consent Forms in place? If not, you may want to refer to the slide that I am sharing in this post. The slides were from a session I did on drafting privacy notices and consent forms. The content is not exhaustive but I think the slides will be enough to get you started in drafting your privacy notices and consent forms. For any questions, or if you need more help finalizing your own, let me know via the contact form or via e-mail (located at the right side of the header).

Something important to remember: I do not recommend copying off a template downloaded from the internet for your privacy notices and consent forms. Each organization is different. Your organization will have different operations and needs. A downloaded template may not accurately reflect these. A privacy notice or consent form that is inaccurate or incomplete will not give rise to valid consent from the data subject.

Click on this link to get the file.

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