There will be some changes to the way I post.

Hello. Just thought I'd explain to you some changes in the way I will be updating this blog.

I have been blogging--in so many ways on different platforms--on and off since around 2000. And the way I blogged changed in tandem with the way that publishing content online changed: First, my posts looked like online journal entries; Then they became curated links, introduced by quips that were either funny or punny.

And then Facebook and Twitter came along and we all got lazy posting to blogs that only a handful of people ever read. So we all migrated to the social platforms.

I started this blog when I started my consulting work for two reasons:

  1. I wanted to one place where I can put all my notes on what I learned about privacy and what I thought about what I learned. I thought that it would also be interesting to see how my thinking evolved as I knew more about the work.

  2. I also needed a place to show people that I legit knew things about privacy and that I wasn't just selling them snake oil.

Then I moved on to being employed full-time and I forgot about this blog. I felt no pressure to update this website since I didn't do consulting work anymore.

In the past months, I've had some time to think about what I wanted to do with this website. I decided to keep it because my reason #1 for starting this blog was still valid for me in my present professional context. I also didn't want to put my notes on Facebook or Twitter (I regularly delete posts on these platforms), and I also didn't relish posting my work amidst all the displays of professional thirst over at LinkedIn.

So here I am.

Let me warn you though. Since I have shifted the tone of this website to a personal rather than professional one, the way I post will also change. My goal is to post more often, on more diverse topics. I will still post longform (or as longform as I can manage, at least) when I have time to research and study up on some topics. But more often, I will just be posting links with a little bit of commentary. I don't want to flood your inboxes when I do this and so I have turned off the feature which alerts followers of this blog on each new post. I will find a way to let people leave comments on posts, in an unobtrusive way as possible, and I hope we can have discussions on some developments or issues that interest you. In any case, I hope you will find my posts interesting, if not useful.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Here's a really nice XKCD comic as pabaon. Hope to see you more often in my corner of the web!


I am Cecilia Soria, a Privacy Attorney. This blog is where I share news and insights as I continue to learn more about privacy.