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Our work in Privacy

Data Privacy Consulting
Looking to set up your privacy management program? we can help you set up an end-to-end data privacy compliance plan, custom-fit to your operations. If you do not require the complete program, whole suite of compliance components, we can provide the following services tailored to your needs:
  1. privacy gap assessment;
  2. data mapping/inventory;
  3. data privacy training programs;
  4. privacy policies;
  5. privacy communications plan to stakeholders;
  6. data sharing agreements;
  7. data breach notification process;
  8. reports to and/or requests for advisory opinions from the National Privacy Commission;
  9. privacy due diligence on key business activities and transactions; and
  10. general data privacy advisory services.

Ready to get started?

Data Privacy Training
We developed the Data Privacy Bootcamp, a one-day comprehensive seminar that will give you a firm grounding on data privacy, as well as equip you with the operational chops to comply with the law's requirements. This seminar comes with a certificate and a manual.
Do you have specific training requirements? We can also customize training for your organization or industry.
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